What is Castrex?

Castrex is a platform where listeners can find over 300,000 podcasts with around 10 million episodes. You can listen to these inspiring, exciting and informative episodes on your desktop, as well as on your Android smartphone and iPhone, whenever you want.

You can also start your own podcast on Castrex or let us automatically move your existing podcasts to us. As an active podcaster on Castrex, you can not only upload episodes, but also get detailed analytics data so that you know who and how your podcast is listened to. Use this data to improve your podcast!

Our goal is to bring listeners and podcasters closer together. That's why we've created solutions that allow you, as a listener, to give feedback to your favorite podcaster with just a few clicks, but also our innovative path shownotes in which podcasters can display links, images, videos, quotes and much more at exactly the right time in the episode, so that you can not only listen to podcasts, but also see further information directly.

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