Can I move my existing podcast to Castrex?

Of course, you can move your existing podcast to Castrex. In order to make the move as smooth and fast as possible, we have completely automated the move for you.

Under Start your podcast you will find the button "Import RSS Feed". For legal reasons, you must first verify that you are the owner of the podcast. Then you can allow us to move your podcast with just one click.

As soon as the move is initiated, our servers will copy all episodes including titles, shownotes and other data from your previous podcast hosting service to our servers, optimize the audio files of existing episodes for optimal broadcasting and set up your podcast in Castrex. All you need is a few minutes of patience until the move is complete. Afterwards, you can manage your podcast on Castrex as if you had been a part of the Castrex podcaster community for a long time.

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