Which co-host role has which rights?

Podcasts are often run by several people. So that you don't have to reveal your login data to each other, we have a right system on Castrex where you can invite co-hosts to your podcast.

Please note that all invited co-hosts have to already have an account on Castrex. After the invitation, the co-host receives an e-mail in which they must accept the invitation. Only after accepting the invitation does he have access to the podcast.

Co-host roles

  • Owner: This role can only be used by one user who has all rights to the podcast and can manage it completely.
  • Administrator: A user with this role has all rights like the owner, but cannot close the podcast or transfer ownership of the podcast.
  • Manager: This role only gives the user permission to view the podcast and the podcaster's data (e. g. all episodes or analytics data) but not to make any changes to the podcast or upload new episodes.
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