How do I record an episode?

When you start a podcast for the first time, you will ask yourself how to record your first episode in the best possible way. We want to help you produce a good podcast from the beginning.

On Castrex, you can't upload new episodes on the smartphone apps because experience has shown that audio files edited on the computer are of higher quality, so you can offer your listeners better episodes.

1. The perfect microphone

To record a podcast episode, you need a microphone. If you are more than one person, it is recommended that each speaker has their own microphone, as they usually offer the best recording quality when you are speaking into them from the front.

Below are some helpful articles to help you find out which microphone is suitable for your podcast:

2. The story

Before you record the first episode, we can recommend you to write at least a list of key points, if not even a small script, what, in which order and with what intention you want to say in your episode. It is helpful to answer the W-questions - what, how, why - to yourself. This will help you to build up your episode in a comprehensible way for the listener.

3. The recording software

In order to record the story to share using your microphone, you need software that can record audio files. In addition, there are various solutions that are free of charge, but also ones that are professional and subject to a fee. It is important that you can save the audio recording later as an M4A or MP3 file, because you have to upload the finished episode to Castrex.

Below we have put together a list of common software that you can use for recording:

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