In which format do I need to upload episodes?

After you've recorded your podcast episode, you'll need to save it as an audio file. Depending on the software you use for recording, you have several options. Below you will find the technical specifications that we at Castrex can handle.

Allowed formats

File format: MP3 (.mp3), AAC/M4A (.m4a)
Channels: stereo or mono
Bit rate: Up to 320 kbit/s
Maximum playing time: 6 hours (360 minutes)

File format: AAC/M4A (.m4a)
Channels: stereo
Bit rate: 256 kbit/s

Processing by Castrex

All audio files uploaded to Castrex are automatically processed by our servers to ensure optimal balanced quality and file size. Episodes are finally played out to users in the following specifications.

File format: MP3 (.mp3)
Channels: Stereo
Bit rate: 128 kbit/s

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